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The Importance Of Fluoride In Oral Care

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Fluoride is a mineral that helps build up strength in your teeth and prevent cavities. When applied to your teeth it helps rebuild and prevent tooth decay while helping the teeth become more resistant to acid and plaque. During the treatment, the fluoride is applied with a brush and patients are asked to avoid eating or drinking for 30 minutes so the fluoride can fully absorb.

So who should get fluoride treatments?

It is recommended that children get this treatment as it helps strengthen their teeth as they grow. And while adults dont always need to get the treatment during their dental visits, occasional treatments can help your oral health as you age.

It is inevitable that as we age we are all susceptible to tooth damage. This treatment is a way to help lessen the changes of cavity and other tooth decays.

Give Us A Call

Have questions when your last fluoride treatment was, or if you should get the treatment? Call us today to schedule an appointment. Our team at Albany Family Dentistry will take care of all your oral health needs.

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