New Doctor Celebration Week

The other week at Albany Family Dentistry, we celebrated the addition of Dr. Megan Raiber to our team! We welcomed her by hosting games, giving away daily prizes, and serving delicious snacks.

Our week began with a “Guess That Smile” contest. We had patients guess whose smile close-up belonged to which teammate for a chance to win a Sonicare electronic toothbrush kit. It was a fun challenge that Kayse Bosch was able to conquer – she left with a big smile and a great electronic Sonicare toothbrush kit!

We also held a drawing for daily prizes. Our patients were able to enter by taking a selfie, or posing with their hygienist or with Dr. Megan and Dr. Jason. With props and a Polaroid camera, we were able to get everybody’s bright, smiling faces to hang on our poster board!

We appreciate everyone that came in to help us welcome Dr. Megan to the community! It was a great week full of exciting beginnings and big smiles. Be one of Dr. Megan’s first new patients by contacting our office today, and scheduling your next appointment!


  • Table for a contest decorated with balloons, flowers, and a blue board with photos of staff smiles
  • Dr. Megan posing with a smile cutout on a stick.
  • Dr. Megan standing next to the "Guess The Smile" table
  • Dr. Megan smiling, getting a muffin from the snack table.
  • blue board full of polaroid pictures that we took of our patients with their hygienist and doctors
  • A blue box telling patients can win a daily prize if they take a selfie the staff
  • A family stands in front of a blue board with smiles and matches smiles to the right staff member
  • Kayse Bosch with the Sonicare toothbrush she won from matching the staff's smiles